Paradise Pintail Longboards

Paradise Pintail Longboards

The pintail shape is a classic surfboard-inspired longboard. Pintail longboards have a wider base center and a sharp nose and tail. This style board works best for sharp turns and improves balance. The sharp taper on the board improves turning radius and is the best option for riding directional. Pintails have a more fluid, surf-like ride, which makes them ideal for cruising and carving. The Paradise pintail boards are made with six plies of strong Canadian maple.


Rasta Stain

10″ x 46″

Paradise Longboard Rasta Stain Complete 10in x 46in


Bamboo Inlay Stalks Concave

9.75″ x 41″

Paradise Longboard Bamboo Inlay Stalks Complete 9.75in x 41in



9″ x 47.75″

Paradise Longboard Mavricks Complete 9in x 47.75in


Lazy Bamboo Panda

9.75″ x 41″

Paradise Longboard Lazy Bamboo Panda Complete 9.75in x 41in