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A drop through is great for the intermediate rider, the board is lighter and has great stability due to the deck sitting lower to the ground, which also gives the rider a more stable center of gravity.

Kicktail decks are usually closer to a pintail shape, but the tail is rounder and features a kicktail. This board is ideal for cruising and carving and a great choice for someone who wants that surf-like style of skating.

Paradise Sallow Tail Longboards come with a split tail that does not only give it the look of a split tail surfboard, but also makes it a suitable option to enjoy the classic surf style.

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Cruisers come with soft wheels that allow you to have a smooth, easy ride on bumpy pavement. If you want to get somewhere quickly the cruiser is the most practical and comfortable.

This board’s purpose is more so for rolling around rather than doing tricks. The soft wheels of a cruiser allow the board to roll over bumps and cracks a lot smoother than a regular trick skateboard.