Paradise Drop Through Longboards

Paradise Drop Through Longboards

Drop through decks are unique in the way the trucks are mounted to the deck, instead of attaching the baseplate to the bottom of the deck like most boards, the baseplate is mounted to the top of the deck and the kingpin is fed through the cut-out. A drop through is great for the intermediate rider, the board is lighter and has great stability due to the deck sitting lower to the ground, which also gives the rider a more stable center of gravity. If you’re a beginner to downhill racing a drop through is the right choice for you. Paradise Longboards are made with strong North American Maple, and has incredible traction, speed and slide ability.


Sun Splash

9.75″ x 39.75″

Paradise Longboard Sun Splash Complete 9.75in x 39.75in


Barrel Wave

9″ x 40″

Paradise Longboard Barrel Wave Complete 9in x 40in



10″ x 40″

Paradise Longboard Neo Complete 10in x 41in


Tiki Face 2.0

9.5″ x 44″

Paradise Longboard Tiki Face 2.0 Complete 9.5in x 44in


Turtle Skull

10.25″ x 41″

Paradise Longboard Turtle Skull Freestyle Complete 10.25in x 41in



10″ x 40″

Paradise Longboard Splatter Complete 10in x 40in