Paradise Kicktails Longboards

Paradise Kicktail Longboards

The kicktail shape refers to an upward bend at the back of the deck. Kicktail decks are usually closer to a pintail shape, but the tail is rounder and features a kicktail. This board is ideal for cruising and carving and a great choice for someone who wants that surf-like style of skating. Having a kicktail longboard is best for making quick turns, doing tricks, and popping up and down curbs. Paradise kicktail decks are comprised of seven plies of North American Maple, and are one of the easiest longboards to stabilize and control.



9.75″ x 44″

Paradise Longboard Pinstripe Complete 9.75in x 44in


Wave Fade

9″ x 40″

Paradise Longboard Wave Fade Complete 9in x 40in


Island Life

9.5″ x 40.25″

Paradise Longboard Island Life Complete 9.5in x 40.25in


The Mallows

 9″ x 40″

Paradise Longboard The Mallows Complete 9in x 40in


Turtle Skull

9.75″ x 44″

Paradise Longboard Turtle Skull Kicktail 9.75in x 44in


Beachfront 2.0

 9″ x 40″

Paradise Longboard Beachfront 2.0 Kicktail Complete 9in x 40in